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Alium how to: Choose your tattoo design

Sometimes it’s an easy choice. You have a clear definition of what you want tattooed. But more often than not, choosing a tattoo design can be stressful. You know you want to commemorate a date, a loved one, or you simply want to express yourself and use your body as a canvas. But that’s as far as you go.

Decisions such as cost, location, color, and overall tattoo style and design can take a while. And that’s completely fine. After all, this a commitment for the rest of your life! Unless, of course, you choose a tattoo cover up, perhaps after a breakup or a divorce. But that’s a completely different subject we can address some other day!

Alium wants you to take into consideration all the possible factors that come to play when choosing a tattoo. You can always book a consultation with us to ask questions and take a peek at the look books from our international tattoo artists. Here are some guidelines for you to start with:

Tattoo design for your lifestyle: Take your activities and lifestyle into consideration before choosing. Tattoo ideas are abundant, but the style you choose must reflect who you are or your take on the world. You might also consider your profession or the dress code at your place of work.

Fine line tattoo, tribal tattoo, or anime tattoo? Explore all choices. The world is your oyster when it comes to tattoo designs but what’s key is that you pick one that reflects your personality and what you want that tattoo to represent in your life. Sure, that lion tattoo may look good on that guy you saw on that guy at the bar, but would it look as cool and impactful on you?

If it’s in another language…. Are you sure of its meaning? Thinking about other cultures is essential when deciding on a tattoo design. Symbols vary per cultures, so it’s key to ensure you choose something that won’t get you into uncomfortable situations when traveling. This is especially important when you choose to tattoo yourself with sayings in another language. Triple check the meaning before you make the final decision.

Do the research, don’t just walk into a tattoo shop near you: Beware of sketchy places. You want to ensure the tattoo shop has a good reputation, not only about hygiene but also regarding the skills and expertise of the tattoo artists in residence. If you decide to walk into a tattoo shop, don’t make the decision in an instant. Browse around and then go online to finish the research before committing.

Choosing a tattoo can be stressful because it's a permanent decision, but the expert team at Alium Tattoo Studio is always available for a consultation. You can ask question, discuss designs, speak to the tattoo artists and make your final decision with total freedom and certainty. Book an appointment today! Drop us a line at hello@aliumtattoostudio.com or call/text at (323) 574-5942.