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Alium: your tattoo, your choice

Getting a tattoo is, contrary to what many think, not an easy feat. There are many questions to find answers to.

What tattoo do I want? Where should it go?
What are the best tattoo shops around me?
Who is a good tattoo artist?
What tattoo design should I use? 
Which one specializes in the style I want?
And those are just a few.

Sure, there are successful stories about tattoos gotten in the spur of the moment but getting something so permanent etched onto the skin should not be taken likely. What if it goes wrong? Whether or not you have the ideal tattoo design in mind, what you must consider promptly is what tattoo shop to go to. In Los Angeles, you’ll find an array of options, some intimidating, some dirty, some dubious. And that wouldn’t be a wise choice.

That’s why Alium Tattoo Studio was born. When friends who happened to be tattoo artists from South America realized they couldn’t find a tattoo parlor they truly felt comfortable at, they created Alium. It’s a place that felt inviting and comfortable, with skillful artists working on their craft and customers felt listened to and invited in.

What’s in a name?
Alium represents all they wanted to see in a tattoo shop and never got. The flower they took the name from signifies good fortune, patience, and grace… adjectives that could perfectly be used when describing reasons to get a tattoo.

Tattoo designs can represent many things. From something truly personal to a symbol of belonging to a group or a community. Tattoo designs represent people or things we love, accomplishments, a moment in time… it’s an art that can take many forms and represents more than words can say. Hence the need to find the ideal parlor to get tattooed at, and the artist that can justly bring to life what each person has in mind.

Regardless of what they mean, each tattoo is a personal choice, your choice. That’s why it’s important to choose a tattoo parlor where your voice is heard, and tattoo artists who truly listen and can translate those wishes into art you will be proud to show the world.

Considering many tattoo ideas? Look beyond ‘tattoo shops near me”. What you want is a place with tattoo artists that will take your ideas to the next level. Alium Tattoo Studio, located in the heart of artistic Culver City is the shop that redefines the tattoo experience. From tattoo cover up to fine line tattoos and tattoo ideas for men or women, Alium Tattoo Studio has you covered. Book an appointment today or walk-in to chat with our artists, enjoy some snacks and hang out while talking about the next work of art for your body.  Drop us a line at hello@aliumtattoostudio.com or call/text at (323) 574-5942.