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The Meaning Behind Tattoo Designs

Rose Tattoos
What do you think are the most popular tattoos? In reality the answer depends on
many factors: from the country or culture you are in, to the popularity of tattoos in
that geographical area. Because ‘inking’ your body is more common and accepted
in some places than others. But when looking at people around the world, you see
a variety of tattoo designs: rose tattoo, tribal tattoos, snake tattoo, butterfly tattoo
and traditional tattoos.

Rose tattoos are some of the most popular around the world, and the good thing
about them is that they can be as different as you want them to be, yet they are
also ‘easier’ to disguise if or when the person decides to cover it or morph it into
something else.

The Meaning and Uses
Originally, roses represented virginity, so much so that Medieval brides would wear
a crown of roses to showcase their purity. Roses are also the #1 flower devotees
leave for virgin statues all over the world. With time, roses also became associated
with love, especially the red ones. That’s why you see so many lovers choosing rose
tattoos to imprint their love on their bodies.

A rose tattoo can be composed by one or many roses, and the colors and tattoo
designs of course vary according to the person and the placement of the tattoo. In
many cases, when people know they want a tattoo but not what type, they start
with a rose and get inspired from there.
But no matter how popular rose tattoos are, it’s key to do research beforehand.

Don’t look up ‘tattoo shop near me’ and walk into that place thinking I’ll just get a
small rose tattoo on my ankle. First you must know if the tattoo shop has good tattoo
artists, but mostly in this case, you must find out if the idea you have in mind
means something different than what you think in another culture or place. Sure,
this is your personal choice, and it means something for you, but you also want to
be respectful of others.

For beginners in the world of tattoos, rose tattoos or other nature-inspired tattoo
designs are a great choice! They allow you to express yourself and open the door to
other designs that can be more unique or personalized. The professional team at

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